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Com. V.A.Hari,           SDE,    Vellore     Mobile:- 9486103922

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06-06-2014: Again one CAO transfer orders issued by Corporate Office ,4 CAOs transferred to Corporate
 office even though lot of vacancies are there in Tamilnadu circle .  In each SSA not even one
Regular/Adhoc CAO is working. We request our Circle/CHQ to take up the case.
22-05-2014: DGM(Adhoc) FINANCE PROMOTION ORDERS ISSUED FOR 135 CAOs .CONGRATES TO ALL< click here for orders>      

17-05-2014: Local transfer issues of Vellore SSA  not settled in spite many meetings with GM ,Vellore.


25-01-2014 :-  CHQ WRITTEN LETTER TO the GM (Pers.) BSNL CO regarding request to consider permanent retention in Tamilnadu Circle on Medical Ground on the promotion from JTO (T) to SDE (T) under 33% competitive quota on the basis of LICE held on 04.03.2012. Case of Shri.B.P.Kalaiarasu SDE, RPT [Ref.:   BSNL C.O. letter number 2-16/LDCE/2012-Pers-II dated 02.07.2013] <<<Click here for letter>>>


21-09-2013 :-  AGB of our Branch was conducted on 13-09-2013, in grand manner, with seminar on " New Developments and viability of BSNL" . The report and photos are attached herewith.  Report.   Link to Photos.



10-06-2013 : -

Dear Comrades, Congratulations to all.  The unity again wins.  The order regarding 78.2 % IDA fitment is released.  The united struggle paves the way for such wonderful success.  Let us keep it in future.  
78.2 % DoT Presidential Order

30-04-2013  :-   AIBSNLEA, VELLORE Branch conveys hearty wishes to Shri.R.Raja, DE, our District President, who is retiring on superannuation on today(30/04/2013).


               Our SSA administration fails to inform the officer about the date, time and venue of the departmental retirement function and he personally decided not to attend the function. GM, VLR, who is on leave, personally intervened and regretted for the delay and directly spoke to Shri.R.Raja and Shri.C.Arumugam, and requested to attend the dept. function and assured to be present  at the function and to honour Shri.R.Raja.


             Based on the GMs assurance, we attended the retirement function, which went smoothly, in the presence of GM, Vellore, as a guest. We strongly condem the attitude of the Administration, who fail to follow the normal procedures also. All are going to retire on one day. If this kind of attitude continues, they will feel the same on that day.

                 This Branch thanks the GM, Vellore, for his kind intervention and his presence at the venue.



19-04-2013 :-    Letter has been addressed to GM,  to settle the disparity in allocation of work among the SDEs at Arni. Click here for copy of letter.


26-03-2013 :-   JAO Part-I exam results announced. From Vellore SSA following persons came out successfully. Congrats to all the persons. click for Result.

1.   smt.Praba somasundaram, JAO (offg)

2.  Smt.Rajeswari Kuppan SSS

3.  Smt. Afsari K Zaman, SS

4.  shri.P.Saravanan, TS


05-02-2013 :-   Members may give their inputs / suggestions to be discussed in the  Circle Executive Committee  Meeting to be held on 07-02-2013 and 08-02-2013 at Cuddalore.


05-02-2013 :- Comrades, Let us pray for the Speedy recovery of our beloved COM.O.PANDY, SDE CM, ARNI, who have been admitted in CMC VLR for cardio problem. AIBSNLEA, VLR, wishes for his speedy recovery.


05-11-2012 :-  Hunger Strike successfully conducted from 29-10-2012 to 03-11-2012, at GM office Building, Vellore. More than 50 members participated  on each day.  AIBSNLEA, Vellore SSA, congrats all the members for their efforts to make the program success.   Photos posted here.
Vellore hunger strike


30-10-2012:-   Dear Comrades! Fare well party meeting for the following officers retiring on Superannuation, is proposed on 31-10-2012 at GM office by 1700 hours.

          1.Com.V.Desikan, DGM, TR,

          2.Com.N.Kirupananthan, SDE, AKM 

                         All are requested to participate.


30-10-2012 :-  Day long Hunger strike on 29th Oct'2012 is very successfully implemented in Vellore SSA, by active participation out members. All are requested participate  in the Day Long Hunger Strike in all the Six days and successful implementation of the Non-Cooperation agitation programmes.

In Response to the Fast commenced from today is remarkable and this adds strength to our Demand. This makes the Hon'ble MOC and IT to fix a meeting with BSNL and MTNL representatives (5 Each) tomorrow at 1200 Hrs. We have to intensify our programme. Our Unity and strength in joint struggle will pave the way for the settlement of ITS issue once for all.  



Ensure 100% participation in the demonstration !

All of our members are requested to participate in the demonstration today at GM OFFICE, VELLORE, AT 13.00 HOURS.


01-10-2012 :- United Forum of BSNL Executives' Associations, CHQ, New Delhi served Notice for organisational actions to Shri R. K. Upadhyay, CMD BSNL regarding protest actions demanding immediate relieving of unabsorbed Group-'A' officersworking in BSNL.

                The week from 01st Oct to 07th Oct'2012 will be observed as "PROTEST WEEK" wearing Black Badges and holding Lunch/Closing hour demonstrations at all main offices on 01st, 03rd and 05th October'12.

           Demonstration in front of GM office by 17.00 hours of 3rd and 5th Oct-2012, will be held. All are requested to wear Black badges and participate in the  further course of action.


03-09-2012 :- JAO Part- II Examination

     JAO Part-II Internal competitive examination against 40 % Quota to be held on
17th December, 18th Dec and 19th December 2012. Corporate office lr No. 28-2/2012-rectt dt 03.09.2012 


03-09-2012 :-  Best wishes to Shri.A.Ravi kumar, and Smt.Geethabai, on their posting as AGM EB and  AGM Sales.


22-08-2012 :- BSNL Launches Extra Talk time Offer,

                          STV 786 Extended for another 60 days.


17-08-2012:-  Dear comrades!  Congratulations, orders have been issued for the transfer of Shri.T.P.L.Murthy, DGM (F), to CGM office, Chennai. We thank our Circle Union, CGMT , GM (F) and all the members for their cooperation. click here for orders.


10-08-2012:- Dear comrades! Congratulations. All our demand have been accpeted by the administration. We express our sincere thanks to ALL THE MEMBERS  to successfully conducting the agitation program given by the Circle Union.

                    All the members members participated in the Dharna Program conducted at GM Office, Vellore, by wearing the demands batch. Com.R.Raja, District president presided. Com.P.Tamilselvam, District Secretary welcomed all the members and com.A.Ravikumar, CEC Member  explained the demands to members.  We extend our thanks to all the members and supporters for  this struggle. click here for news coverage  photo1 photo 2


07-08-2012:-  To condem Biased and autocratic attitude of GM (F), TN Circle, One day Dharna in front of GM office, Vellore, on 09-08-2012 from 10.00 hours, is proposed to be held. All are requested to participate by applying leave and make the struggle grand success.  To see circular in Tamil font click here.



               Be Prepared for the next  program if issues not settled.

02-08-2012 :-    Agitational Programme

          06-08-2012:Sending Telegram to CGM with a copy to Director (HR) and GS, CHQ,. and lunch hour demonstration in all SSA Head Quarters,

          09-08-2012: One Day Dharna in front of SSA Head quarters and observing Demands Day by wearing batches.

        13-08-2012: Relay Fast in front of CGM Office, Chennai by the Circle Office Bearers and work according to rule throughout Circle.


All are requested to conduct the programmes successfully.


BSNL has launched access to your account from mobile phone to your SBI account from prepaid and post paid connections. view  details<BSNL launches SBI.doc>


31-07-2012:- Farewell Party to Shri.A.Munian, SDe, Wandiwash, retiring on 31-07-2012, has been held on 30-07-2012 at GM office, Vellore. Nearly 50 members from the all over SSA participated .

                     CWC member Com.Arumugam, briefed about the Circle executive meeting held on 21-07-2012 and about proposed agitation against the GM Finance. The following members joined in AIBSNLEA, Vellore, in the meeting.

1.    Shri.Sathesh Kumar, SDE, Katpadi,

2.  Smt. Geetha Bai, SDE, CSC, vellore

3.   Smt.Padma Lakshmi , JTO, Wandiwash

4.   Shri.Ramamurthy,   JE, Civil, Vellore

   We welcome the new members, which is expected to be increase more.

               Com. Ravikumar, CEC member, offered to resign the District Organising secretary post to accomate the young members joining our association, which has been accepted and Shri.Sathesh Kumar, SDE, has been elected as District Organising Secretary in his place.


19-07-2012:-  The comments and criticism  against the our circle secretary by the tall leader like Com.CKM, is not healthy for the trade union activities. On behalf our SSA, we strongly condemn the way of criticism .


19-07-2012: Dear Comrades! Fare well party meeting for Shri.A.Munian, SDE, WDH, is proposed on 30-07-2012 at GM office by 1700 hours. All are requested to participate.



18.07.2012:Fitment benefit of 78.2% of IDA as on 1.1.2007: The Memo for fitment benefit of 78.2% instead of 68.8% has been reportedly put up to Management Committee for approval.

13-07-2012:- Letter has been addressed to Circle body to consider the transfer case of Shri.T.P.L.Murthy, DGM(F), to Chennai, at the earliest without any further complications. Copy enclosed.


09-07-2012:- Shri.R.Raja, our District President has been posted as DGM (CM) and joined as DGM (CM) on 05-07-2012. District Secretary and other office bearers facilitated him his posting as DGM (CM)


13.06.2012:Congratulations! Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations agitation call of indefinite strike w.e.f. 13th June'2012 is deferred on a written agreement reached between BSNL Management and the representatives of Forum. <<Click Here for the written agreement>>

We are extremely thankful to our struggling members for their active and dedicated participation in this historic struggle. The following agreement is signed between Management and the Forum representatives

(i) Revision of pay as per fitment benefit @78.2% w.e.f. 01.01.2007 has been agreed for implementation by BSNL Management. However, actual payment will be made prospectively and arrears thereof will be deferred for the time being and will be paid only when the financial position of the company improves. This will be applicable for the pensioners also.

(ii) Medical re-imbursement with voucher for out-door treatment, Professional Upgradation Allowances and HRA will continue to be paid at Basic Pay with 68.8% fitment. Payment of these allowances will be reviewed on 01.04.2013, subject to financial position of the company.

(iii) All other allowances i.e. Children  Education Assistance/Tuition Fees/Hostel Subsidy, Family Planning Allowances etc. will continue to be paid at the current rates.

(iv) The issue of implementation of Child Care Leave will be taken up with the BSNL Board for re-consideration.

(v) For the purpose of provision of superannuation benefits to  directly recruited employees as per DPE guidelines, a Committee will be constituted to re-examine the issue and give its recommendations.

The necessary order in this regard will be issued after the approval of the Competent Authority as assured by CMD, BSNL. We have full faith and trust in CMD, BSNL to implement the signed agreement.

We appeal each and every executive and non-executive to concentrate more and more to turn around BSNL.

We are extremely thankful to CMD BSNL, Director(Fin.), Director(EB), Director(CFA), Director(CM), PGM(SR) and all the concerned officers for their positive attitude in solving the demands.

Congratulations once again !!

10-06-2012: INDEFINITE STRIKE IMMINENT : There are only three more days for the historic indefinite strike to start. According to reports received by the CHQ, the strike is going to be a hundred per cent success. Spontaneous and massive preparations are going on throughout the country to make the strike a historic success. All the Unions and associations of BSNL are united completely to end the injustice being meted out to the employees. From the Management side there is no honest and worth mentioning attempt to avert the strike. After the 1st June discussion, management has not taken any step to resolve the crises. The conciliation that is going to take place with the Chief Labour Commissioner next Monday is not going to yield any result, unless the management comes forward to settle the issue. Hence, in all probabilities, the indefinite strike from 13th instant has become imminent. Hence, CHQ calls upon all the leaders and cadres to take all out efforts to make the strike a resounding success. CLICK HERE: <<Circular>>,, <<Badge>>, <<<Poster>> <Poster>>

14-03-2012 :-

Our 4th Circle Conference held at Dharmapuri (BBC Thirumana Mandapam, SV Road) on

22-03-2012 & 23-03-2012 in grand manner.

Well arrangement is made by DPI comrades. Congratulations to all under the team leaders com M.C.Ravi JTO and Dhandapani AO

From VLR SSA 19 members attended as delegates inclusive of 3 circle office bearers.

Our beloved GS com Prahalad Rai, CHQ President Com P.Venugopal, CGM/TN Circle + other CIrcle secretaries of our sister associations/union participated in the conference.

Seminar on 'New Telecom Policy-2011 & BSNL future prospects/proposals' was conducted.

our CHQ president, highlighted all the issues on the MOU signed between DOT & BSNL. Our GS spoke,  on cadre issues, Viability of BSNL, ITS issues, Committee report on CPSU cadre hierarchy, E2/E3 scale etc.,

The following Office bearers are elected unanimously in the conference for the next tenure.





From our SSA, the following officers are elected in the panel as circle office bearers.







29/02/2012 :-

Pl  Click  this link and read.... முத்துச்சரம்: BSNL-ன் சிறப்பான சேவையும், ஒரு தபால் அலுவலகத்தின் கடுப்பான சேவையும்    


28/02/2012 :- AGM/DE  transfer order  Shri.B.Anbarasu DE VLR has been retained till 30-09-2012. due efforts of our branch, circle and All India Union. Anbarasu


12-01-2012 :-

Dear Comrades! The United Forum of  Executives' Associations ( AIBSNLEA,SNEA and AIGETOA) decided to conduct  agitational Programmes as a mark of  Protest to impress upon the management to immediately abandon the arbitrary move to recruit Sr. DGMs and Jt. GMs violating and ignoring the existing BSNLMS RRs and also to process the legitimate demand of standard IDA pay scales of E2 and E3 for JTOs and SDEs.

  1. Country wide Lunch hour Demonstrations at Corporate / CGM / GM Hqs. on 16-01-2012. 
    2. Full day Dharna at Corporate / Circle / SSA Hqs. on 20-01-2012.

Plan to organise and make the programmes more successful.

16-12-2011:-  Congratulations!. for the successful implementation of one day call given by our CHQ. Vellore Branch thanks all the members. 

14-12-2011:- The Complaint filed by Shri.P.Gunasekaran, SSS, TRL, against Sri.T.Ponnivalaan, SDE,TRL, has been closed by the police,  by submitting report to the Court , with the remark that  "the complaint filled with the intention to malign shri.T.Ponnivalan by twisting the facts".  We addressed letter to GM, Vellore, to take separate disciplinary  action the official for filling for false complaints. Copy enclosed.

13-12-2011:- Dear Comrades!

                            Yesterday talks with Director (HRD), bore no fruit. No sign of concern on the part of administration to settle the issues. Hence decision for strike stands. Let us make it 100% successful.

                            In Vellore SSA, Due to local problem the attitude of recognised union with the Executives is not been proper in dealing the cases. The AIBSNLEA and SNEA, Vellore decided to organize separately. Both the executives successfully conducted demonstration along with SNEA separately on 08-12-2011. Now for the reasons known to them, SNEA are going with BSNLEU even after our call. However, we going ahead with the all India call for the demands already notified.

                          All are requested to participate in the one day strike on  15-12-2011 en mass.

07-12-2011 :- It is understood that the suspension order to Shri.P.Gunasekaran, SSS, Tiruvannamalai, has been sent thro REGISTERED POST ON  07-12-2011, by the Administration. Hence the proposed agitation programs by the Joint forum of Associations have been deferred.

02-12-2011 :-  Candle Rally jointly organised by SNEA and AIBSNLEA conducted on 01-12-2011 at GM Office, Vellore.  Members from both the associations  Participated. Our circle Secretary and Circle President facilitated . <<photo1>> <<photo2> <<photo3>> <<Photo4>> <<Photo5>> 

02-12-2011 :-  Special General Body meeting  of our Branch has been successfully conducted on 01-12-2011. Our Circle secretary and Circle President and around 50 members participated. Circle Secretary briefly explained about All India, Circle and local issues. Click for Photos. <<photo1>> <<photo2> <<photo3>> <<Photo4>> <<Photo5>>

29-11-2011:-   Special General Body meeting of our Branch, is proposed to be conducted on 01-12-2011 (Thursday) in GM Office Building at 17.00 hours. Our Circle secretary Shri.N.Veerapandian, is addressing the meeting about latest issues on local and All India. All are requested to participate without fail. 


25-11-2011 :- Shri.T.Ponnivalavan, SDE, Commercial, Tiruvannamalai, has been assaulted by Shri.P.Gunasekaran, Clerk, working under his control on 21-11-2011, evening by 16.30 hours. The SDE did a only mistake of asking the clerk, why he is late. The incident has been witnessed by another clerk and contract labour of that section and they only rescued the officer. The officer subsequently  admitted to Govt. Hospital, Tiruvannamalai after intimating the sequence of events to the DE, Tiruvannamalai, who was present in the management meeting at Vellore. The DE has also narrated the incident to GM, Vellore, in the presence of all DE/CAOs attending the meeting and GM, VLR also advised the DE, TRL to suspend the official immediately.

       The SDE  has also given written compliant to DE, TRL and the two witnesses also given their testimony on 22-11-2011. Instead of suspending the clerk immediately, DE, Tiruvannamalai, just forwarded the complaint and statement of witnesses to GM Vellore, with a comment to take department action against the erring official. Our president , secretary and other leaders went to Tiruvannamalai, to access the situation and  to meet Com.Ponnivalavan, who was admitted in the hospital. Preliminary enquiry report , with direction to take department action against the official has been sent by DE, Tiruvannamalai on 23-11-2011.

          Even after the  receipt of the report, the administration failed to suspend the official, due to wrong advice by some the officers and pressure from the BSNLEU. In mean time police authorities filed FIR and they themselves directed the administration to take action against the official. Even after this, the administration waited for the receipt of original Copy of the FIR,  refusing to accept a FAX copy. Due to repeated  pressure from the our Union, they suspended the official on 23-11-2011 evening. Click here for copy.

          Fearing  BSNLEU and heeding unwanted advices, the  suspension order is yet to be served to the official  but sent to the  other departmental section/ officers / officers. Subsequently, the administration even tried to   take back the suspension order copies from all the points.  Dear comrades, we wrote a letter to CGM, TN Circle, Chennai, explaining the sequence of events and the suspension order issued bases on the FIR could not be revoked without court judgement, with a copy to Circle secretary. Copy enclosed.  Our Circle secretary has also spoke to CGM, in this issue so many times.

         We want the administration,  to issue charge sheet to the official and to transfer him to some other station, as has done in other cases, to maintain  office decorum and peaceful situation. If the administration tries play some other tricks, WE, with the help of Circle union announce the agaitational program to settle our demands.


21-11-2011:-  Management Committee of BSNL has approved additional 5 increments with E1 scale for the JTOs who have joined BSNL after 1.1.2007. Our CHQs sustained effort and our Circles contribution towards the settlement lead to wipe out the pay anomaly for JTOs of 2007, 2008 batch. The proposal will be sent to BSNL Board for final approval shortly.

18-11-2011:-  General Body meeting of  Vellore SSA District Branch conducted on 17-11-2011 at GM Office Building.  Around 40 members participated  with lively discussion from all the members. Com.Arumugam, CWC member, briefly explained about the discussion in the CWC meeting at Jabalpur and current issues in all India, circle and Branch level.  


16-11-2011:- Reimbursement of claims for briefcase and towels: Due to implementation of ERP package BSNL has introduced uniform rules and procedures for issue of briefcase and towels. Click Here ....


15-11-2011: Vellore SSA District General Body meeting is proposed to be held on 17th NOV-2011 (Thursday) evening at 1700 hours in GM Office Building to discuss following items.

 1.  ITS repatriation 

2.  Address by Com C.Arumugam on CWC Meeting

3.  Any other local issues.

 All are requested to participate.


15-11-2011:  Dear Comrades! Till last week end,326 Group A officers from various stream are repatriated to DOT. We oppose the attitude of BSNL Management in handling the ITS absorption issue half-heartedly. Our CHQ brought it to the notice of DOT and charted out programme also. Tomorrow conduct Lunch Hour Demonstration in SSA Head Quarters. Programme Notice: Click here.

Further action:

A)   Lunch /closing hours Demonstrations at Corporate/Circle/SSA Hqs on 15th Nov.,11

B)   Full day Dharna on 22nd Nov., 11 at  Corporate/Circle/SSA Hqs.

C)   Massive rallies at all National/State Capital Hqs, dates for which would be communicated in due course of time.


21.10.2011: Revision of IDA rates w.e.f. 1.10.2011: DPE has issued orders revising IDA rates from 47.2% to 52% w.e.f.1.10.2011. View orders...

VRS - A tentative Worksheet on the basis of the BSNL's presentation made to MOC. The calculation picks up the System date. In case of any error in ' remaining service', kindly check and change your system's date.

AIBSNLEA Tamil Nadu circle, Third CEC Meeting was held at Hotel Annamalai Residency, Vellore,  in a very grand manner from 19-08-2011 to 20-08-2011.  For viewing photos click here.